How to sharpen urban decay lip liner

Urban Decay lip liner sharpening tutorial
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Ensuring your makeup tools are in prime condition is crucial for achieving flawless application, and this holds especially true for lip liners. Sharpening your Urban Decay lip liner not only helps to maintain the precision needed for outlining but also rejuvenates the product for a smooth, glide-on lip experience. So yes, you can definitely sharpen your Urban Decay lip liner for a refined, clean line that perfectly contours and defines your lips.

Introduction to Urban Decay Lip Liner

Urban Decay is renowned for its high-quality, long-lasting cosmetics, and its lip liners are no exception. With their rich pigmentation and creamy texture, these lip pencils are a staple for makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Why Quality Lip Liners Matter

in your makeup routine is because they act as a blueprint for your lipstick, preventing color from feathering or bleeding, and even giving the illusion of fuller lips.

Understanding the Urban Decay Lip Liner Range

The Urban Decay Lip Liner Range offers a wide spectrum of shades to complement their famous Vice lipsticks, giving users the versatility and convenience to create desired looks ranging from natural to bold.

Step-by-step guide to sharpening Urban Decay lip liner

Preparing to Sharpen Your Urban Decay Lip Liner

Before you sharpen your Urban Decay lip liner, it’s important to gather the right tools and know when the pencil requires sharpening.

Tools You Will Need

include a high-quality cosmetic pencil sharpeners that fits the size of your Urban Decay pencils. Luckily, Urban Decay has their own sharpener designed to work with the entire range, ensuring a perfect sharpening angle and length.

Knowing When It’s Time to Sharpen

is when the liner tip becomes blunt, affecting precision or when the wood casing might come in direct contact with your skin, causing discomfort or uneven application.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sharpening Your Lip Liner

When sharpening your lip liner, a delicate but assured hand is needed to achieve the ideally pointed tip without wasting the product. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Clean and Prepare Your Sharpener Before inserting your lip liner, ensure your pencil sharpener is clean of debris. Any remnants from previous sharpenings can cause unevenness or even contaminate your product.
  2. Gently Sharpen the Lip Liner Insert the lip pencil into the sharpener and turn it gently. Apply light pressure, and be sure not to overdo it. After a couple of turns, check the pencil. It’s better to sharpen gradually and inspect after each turn than to over-sharpen and break the tip.
Steps of SharpeningAction RequiredExpected Outcome
Step 1Clean SharpenerDebris-free tool
Step 2Gentle TurnsIncremental Sharpening
Step 3Check TipIdeal Pointiness

Continuing the steps and expanding the process will be part of the second half of this guide.

Pro tips for sharpening Urban Decay lip liner

Tips for Maintaining Your Lip Liner’s Edge

Maintaining a well-sharpened lip liner not only enhances application but also extends its life span.

Proper Storage Techniques

include keeping your pencil in a cool, dry place to prevent the product from becoming too soft. This is crucial because Urban Decay’s creamy formula can definitely soften in heat, causing it to potentially smudge or break upon sharpening.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

, such as using a sharpener not designed for makeup pencils, can make a significant difference. Sharpeners meant for traditional pencils can be too rough on cosmetic pencils. Moreover, it is important to remember that Urban Decay eyeliners and other eye pencils from the brand require the same care and precision in sharpening as lip liners.

Troubleshooting Common Sharpening Problems

Even with the best care, problems can arise when you sharpen urban Decay lip liners.

What If the Lip Liner Keeps Breaking?

This might be due to excessive force or a blunt sharpener blade. Ensuring your sharpener is clean and sharp will prevent this issue. Additionally, if your Urban Decay eyeliners are breaking during sharpening, it might be useful to freeze them for a short period before sharpening, as the firmer pencil will not break as easily.

Solutions for Over-Sharpened Lip Liners

include using a small piece of tape to smooth out the over-sharpened area, restoring the pencil to a usable state.

In concluding this half of the guide, remember that the ability to sharpen Urban Decay lip and eye pencils with precision not only saves product but also keeps your makeup looking impeccably professional. Using a specially designed sharpener by the same brand as your pencils does make a difference, and it will not dull the blade or unnecessarily waste product, as might happen with unsuitable sharpeners.

Maintaining the edge of your Urban Decay lip liner is not merely about aesthetics—it’s an essential step to keep your makeup on point and your lips perfectly contoured. So, grab that sharpener and give your liner the sharp, smooth edge it deserves.

  1. Achieving the Perfect Point After a few gentle turns and checks, once your lip liner tip has achieved a semi-sharp point without exposing too much of the product, you need to refine it to perfection. Carefully sharpen to fine-tune the point. Remember, the goal is to create a tip that is sharp enough for precision but not too fine that it becomes brittle and prone to breaking. If the point is not quite there yet, gently rotate the sharpener a few more times and check again.
  2. Cleaning After Sharpening Post sharpening, ensure that the newly created tip is free from wood shavings or any excess product. A quick swipe with a clean tissue can clean off any excess debris. Then, wipe the sharpener with a tissue or a small brush to keep it ready for the next use. A clean sharpening tool is a key to preventing product buildup and ensuring a cleaner sharpening process next time.

Tips for Maintaining Your Lip Liner’s Edge

  1. Regular Cleaning of Tools Just as makeup brushes require regular cleaning, your sharpeners also need the same attention. Pencil sharpeners can harbor bacteria which can be transferred to your face if not cleaned regularly.
  2. Mind the Temperature Urban Decay’s glide-on lip pencils have a rich, creamy formula, which can become malleable in high temperatures. If you find the liner to be too soft, chill it in the refrigerator for a short period before sharpening. This step firms the product, reducing the likelihood of breakage during the sharpening process.
Essential tool for maintaining Urban Decay lip liner

Troubleshooting Common Sharpening Problems

  1. Dealing with Brittle Pencil Tips If your lip liner tip becomes brittle and prone to breaking, consider the environment where you store your makeup. High temperatures and humidity can affect the product consistency. Store in a cool, dry place and if necessary, place the pencil in the refrigerator for a short while before sharpening.
  2. Sharpening to a Comfortable Tip Not everyone prefers the same sharpness in their liners. If a fine point is too sharp for your liking, gently round off the tip on a piece of paper to soften the point for a more comfortable application.


Sharpening your Urban Decay lip liner effectively ensures a meticulous and professional approach to lip outlining and filling. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup aficionado or a beauty beginner, knowing how to maintain your tools, including lip liners, is fundamental. Remember, the agility of the liner depends on the sharpness of the tip—this sharpness is within your control. With properly sharpened lip liners, the precision of your lip makeup will not only boost your confidence but also enhance the overall look, making your efforts truly worthwhile.


  1. Q1: Can I use any pencil sharpener for my Urban Decay lip liners? A1: While technically you can, it’s recommended to use a sharpener specifically designed for cosmetics, preferably the one provided by Urban Decay, as it is tailored to the size and consistency of their lip liners and will not cause unnecessary wastage or damage to the product.
  2. Q2: How often should I sharpen my Urban Decay lip liner? A2: You should sharpen your lip liner each time you need a precise line or notice that the point has become dull. Frequent sharpening ensures the best application and performance of the product.
  3. Q3: What should I do if my lip liner keeps breaking while I sharpen it? A3: If your Urban Decay lip liner keeps breaking during sharpening, try placing it in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes before sharpening. Also, ensure you’re using a sharp and clean sharpener and applying gentle pressure.
  4. Q4: How can I prevent my Urban Decay lip liner from smudging after sharpening? A4: After sharpening, clean any excess wood or product from the tip with a tissue. If the problem persists, try chilling your lip liner before application to firm up the product and prevent smudging.
  5. Q5: Is it safe to frequently clean my pencil sharpener with alcohol? A5: Yes, using isopropyl alcohol to clean your pencil sharpener is a good practice, as it will remove makeup residue and sanitize the tool. Ensure that the sharpener is completely dry before using it again to avoid damaging your lip liners.